What is agenda settings?

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Agenda-setting is the creation of public awareness and concern of certain issues by the news media. Agenda-setting describes the way how media attempts to influence viewers, and to establish a hierarchy of so called ”news” that are ”important”. News stories is not always something that grow on a tree which the mass media picks and serve. Often topics are created as news to serve what you should ”know, think, want, believe, feel and act upon.”

Two basic assumptions underlie most researches on agenda-setting:
– the press and the media do not reflect reality; they filter and shape it;
– media concentration on a few issues and subjects leads the public to perceive those issues as more important than other issues.

You can call this method, a type of mind programming and mind control.
The language used in an article, or how it’s presented in a TV news sequence, shapes the way we think and determines what we think about.
People usually only have a few topics on their mind, and by controlling that hierarchy, news media can easily control and master public opinion, when and how they need it.
“Climate change” and “climate awareness” are topics that are repeated over and over again. The purpose and end goal could be to persuade the public to willingly accept a global tax. A world wide tax which “once and for all” would settle the worlds “climate problems”.
This world tax could also be used to finance communists goals; equality, bread for all (fight poverty), fraternity, “freedom”.

#metoo is another form of agenda setting used in journalism that seems to been created in order to reignite a social and sexual war between the sexes.
You might think; why would “independent and reliable” news agencies be so evil? Well if you haven’t figured that one out yet you need to wake up from your bubble and begin to search the truth. Turn over the stones to see what’s underneath. Dare to go down that rabbit hole. Love the truth more than all the lies and misconceptions that shapes our minds.
Jesus warned us not to be mislead. That’s why you need to pick up the Bible TODAY and start your journey to be in the light – instead of being in darkness where so many lies thrives.

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