Sebastian Stakset vittnar i P4 – in swedish

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Klicka för att läsa, går ej längre att lyssna: Sebbe Staxx vittnar i radio P4 in swedish.

“Why is that the Swedish society, to an increasing extent for each year, makes us believe in science, and to become critical of God’s existence, not to refer to God in our everyday choices and actions?
Many of us are members of the Swedish State Church (Svenska Kyrkan) of old habits, many of us celebrate Christian (pagan) festivals and like to attend to the different transitions of life (until death) in churches (baby baptism, weddings, funerals) – but few want to blend God into it all.
Very few agrees that Jesus is the son of God, that God created man and the world, or don’t believe or understand why the Bible is a sacred scripture.”

”Hur det kommer sig att det svenska samhället i allt högre utsträckning för varje år fostrar oss till att bli vetenskapstroende, till att bli kritiska till Guds existens, till att inte referera till Gud i sina val och handlingar.
Många av oss är medlemmar i svenska kyrkan av gammal vana, många av oss firar kristna högtider och gillar att uppmärksamma livets övergångar och i kyrkor, men allt färre vill blanda in Gud i det hela.
Ännu färre går med på att Jesus är Guds son, att Gud skapade människan och världen eller tycker att bibeln är en helig skrift.”
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Fitness for Heaven

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How do you get fit for Heaven?
First of all, you need the righteousness of another person which is JESUS CHRIST. You will not stand on That Day when Jesus returns, on your own merits or on your own self proclaimed righteousness. You need to obtain the right standing with God.
You need Jesus, and His washing away of sins with His sacrificial Blood on the Cross. The life is in the blood. That’s why Jesus laid down His life for you, so His Life could redeem you, to pay you back from a certain death and destruction, into a relationship and eternal life.

Don’t look at me – look at who I am in Christ and who Christ is in me.
That is what you should be saying on the Day of Judgement when the Book of Life is opened, revealing your whole life and track record.
In an instance everything is revealed about you, for every one to see. That is the Day described in the book of Daniel, where the ungodly is put to open shame.

“And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, Some to everlasting life, Some to shame and everlasting contempt.” Daniel 12:2

Our Lord in Heaven can give you an imputed righteousness.
He will, when you have faith in Jesus, which is the only requirement, put (impute) Jesus sin free and faultless track record (while He was on Earth), into you. That is also called justified by faith – just as if you never sinned!

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Where there is Hope – there is Life

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How is Abraham able to speak to the rich man in hell if there is a chasm between them? (See the chapter of Luke 16 below)
And Abraham is speaking with Lazarus who is in hell/Hades?
Is there really such a place in the underground where God torment ungodly people day and night?
Or is it a man made belief, originated by people who want to put Satan’s evil character upon our Heavenly Father?

How is this conversation in Luke 16 even possible since we have a great chasm between us?
Does God give efficacious grace for us to speak to people in hell? I don’t think so because than we would be sad and miserable.
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The Fruit is a promise

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And the Seed is the Word of God.

Especially the first fruits of the season is a promise that there will be more, there will be an positive outcome.

That’s why there is such a joy and comfort to have a first son, because it means the husband and wife are fruitful.

Or when you get a baby lamb, or when the tree get flowers for the first time, that’s a promise of fruits to come.

The seed is something you plant in the ground, in the soil. Something which looks dead gets alive with water, which brings life.
Wheats coming up from the ground are symbols of growth; maturity.

Where are your sins – J C Ryle

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Where Are Your Sins?
A Question about Absolutionby J. C. Ryle

“Make me to know my transgression and my sin.”—Job 13:22

“Cleanse me from my sin.”—Psalm 51:2

“The blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanseth us from all sin.”—1 John 1:7

“Christ Jesus, whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation, through faith in His blood.”—Romans 3:25


First published by Drummond’s Tract Depot, Stirling, Scotland

The question which forms the title of this tract ought to stir up many thoughts in your heart. It concerns every man and woman born into the world. You ought never to rest till you can give it a satisfactory answer.—“WHERE ARE YOUR SINS?”

I ask you this day to look this question in the face. I ask you to give me your attention for a few minutes, while I try to enforce it on your conscience. A time draws nigh when the question must be answered. The hour cometh when all other questions shall seem like a drop of water in comparison with this. We shall not say, “Where is my money?”—or, “Where are my lands?”—or, “Where is my property?” Our only thought will be, “My sins! my sins!—Where are my sins?” Continue reading “Where are your sins – J C Ryle”