Why you need to study the Bible (and more)

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The knowledge of Jesus (who is the Word in the flesh, see John chapter 1) and the knowledge of the written Word, they cannot be separated. To know the Bible is to know Jesus, and vice versa. It is like knowing the author when reading one of his books.
Further more, Academics (knowledge) must lead to Application (wisdom) which must lead to Compliance (obedience). When you hear the Word you must Obey.

It is elementary and of most importance, that we move from carnality into spirituality. This can only happen when you receive the Holy Spirit. That’s called to be Born Again. When the new Spirit starts to live inside us, our new being, it will not completely destroy the old creature (our old man, bond to sin). They coexist and struggle for control (Romans 7:22-25). “Head knowledge” does not change us. “Heart knowledge” is the objective of the teaching gift. We need a change of heart; from a stony heart into one of flesh. One that is open to God, one that loves God above everything. A heart that truly loves people. Which loves to exercise righteousness (do what is right and pleasing to God). Christianity is really a heart (love) issue. A Christian faith and community should be constituted by personal relationship with God through Christ, a relationship known in the heart rather than through the mind. Ezekiel 18:31; 36:26,27

Bible studies draws the students (disciples) into the Word. It allows us to see how we, and our families and our churches measure up. “Mind the gap!” was the mantra of the prophets, who constantly warned God’s people when they went astray. Reading the Scriptures (Bible) should inspire and encourage others to have the same peace and joy we have, as adopted children of God, through the atonement of Jesus Christ, our King and Lord.

Reading the word and meditate on the Bible verses, should encourages us to press toward the mark when we stumble. It helps us to keep the faith and to have patience while under trouble times. The Bible convicts us when we are wrong – and it mirrors us, we can through the stories see the problematic state (fallen nature) we are in. But it also shows us the way out, and gives us joy when we claim and see the promises of God being fulfilled, for those who listen, obey and fear Him. Continue reading “Why you need to study the Bible (and more)”