The love of God was so overwhelming!

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Throughout his upbringing, David’s heart was passionate for Islam and he was a jihadist who wanted to get Christians to convert to Islam. But God brought him from his home country to Sweden – where he met God. The emptiness he had felt disappeared and for the first time in his life; he felt loved.
33-year-old David, likes to carry the Bible under his arm. It’s “my weapon,”as he describes it. But there was a time in David’s life when he was searching for completely different weapons.

Born and raised in a strict, Muslim family in Afghanistan, it was Islamic thoughts that characterized him. He tried to be the best Muslim he could. All he did was to honor Muhammed. David, born with a Muslim name, hated Jews. He thought Christians were “poisonous” and felt that they were not following God’s path properly.
But deep in his heart he felt an emptiness, he felt that there had to be something deeper and he have always had a longing for it.

David tried to fill the void inside in different ways. First by investing in kung-fu, where he got a black belt. Then in kickboxing, where he also reached the top. In both sports he discovered that there was a “roof” that could not be lifted – then there was no more. The emptiness persisted. He have been at the top of the martial arts, but still his soul just got weaker.

Later he joined forces with jihadists and wanted to go to Syria and to fight in the war, assured that this was the path the Quran urged him to take if he wanted to come to paradise. He wanted to go out in jihad [holy war; red note]. He needed to kill another man to get to heaven, that was the promise of Allah. So he was convinced and desired to die in battle. But he never came to Syria. Thanks to the grace of God, David explains today. Continue reading “The love of God was so overwhelming!”