On the bus to Finisterre

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Christof my friend from Germany and me decided to go to Finisterre at the Atlantic Ocean. It’s about a 2 hour bus drive from Santiago de Compostela.
We arrived to Santiago on Thursday and spent 4 nights at an 4 bedroom apartment, 15€ a night/person.
The city center of Santiago is very old and protected, therefore they didn’t put fiber for high speed Internet. Meaning the WiFi here has been slow. And I need fast WiFi to be able to upload 1080 HD videos to YouTube.
I have Mobile connection for Internet but that has been 3G, and not 4G. So uploading a video to Dropbox takes hours and  its way to slow for YouTube uploads.
My dilemma is that I need to have memory for shooting new videos and I need to get rid of previous videos in order to make new ones.
The iPhone SE that I got has 64 gigabytes and I have been down to 0,5-5 gigabytes the last week or so.
4 days in Santiago gave me enough time and energy to edit another 5 music videos from walking el Camino, being ready to be up loaded to YouTube. You can check these out, hopefully in a day or two.

Tonight we stay at Albergue Oceanis in Finisterre. I wish there will be great sun light and a beautiful sunset for some new videos. God is good!