God has a Higher plan for us

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Sometimes we enter situations when we just dont understand what is the meaning of all this, or it just feels meaningless.
Bad things in the past can also make us feel and think; – What is the meaning of my life?

Most of us have once or on several occasions had this important question. What is the meaning of all this? That is a Question only God can answer!

If you read this and are in discomfort, remember to always trust our father God in Heaven with patience. He will step by step lead us to a place of peace, comfort and rest – if we let Him.
When we ask why, why, why; God will sooner or later answer “BECAUSE”.
Even if you feel like breaking up, God will NEVER make you break up totally. Even if you fall, God will NEVER let you hit the ground. He will catch you – and lift you up!
In Gods salvation process, He breaks people down, in an act of Love. And with the old pieces he makes something new and stronger, like the potter making new and stronger bowls of old burnt clay pieces.

Important we understand that He doesnt want anyone of us suffer or to perish, but that He wishes that our souls should have eternal life. We live in mortal bodies, that is a fact, that we will all die the first death with our bodies. Which makes us fragile and hopeless, unless we stretch out to God who can save our souls from the second death.
Thats our only HOPE, or we are hopeless, and how pitiful isn’t the one without any hope? Continue reading “God has a Higher plan for us”