God has a Higher plan for us

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Sometimes we enter situations when we just dont understand what is the meaning of all this, or it just feels meaningless.
Bad things in the past can also make us feel and think; – What is the meaning of my life?

Most of us have once or on several occasions had this important question. What is the meaning of all this? That is a Question only God can answer!

If you read this and are in discomfort, remember to always trust our father God in Heaven with patience. He will step by step lead us to a place of peace, comfort and rest – if we let Him.
When we ask why, why, why; God will sooner or later answer “BECAUSE”.
Even if you feel like breaking up, God will NEVER make you break up totally. Even if you fall, God will NEVER let you hit the ground. He will catch you – and lift you up!
In Gods salvation process, He breaks people down, in an act of Love. And with the old pieces he makes something new and stronger, like the potter making new and stronger bowls of old burnt clay pieces.

Important we understand that He doesnt want anyone of us suffer or to perish, but that He wishes that our souls should have eternal life. We live in mortal bodies, that is a fact, that we will all die the first death with our bodies. Which makes us fragile and hopeless, unless we stretch out to God who can save our souls from the second death.
Thats our only HOPE, or we are hopeless, and how pitiful isn’t the one without any hope?

When someones we love dies, its a wake up call. Its like a paradox, when we are the weakest, God will make us stronger. The pride and disobedient He will cast down, and the ones on their knees with a humble and meek heart, He will lift up.

What kind of God do we have when people suffer and dies? The Bible tells us that man has fallen since Adam and this world is therefor corrupt. And when the corrosion process has started, the whole world and our mind and bodies will be sick and not 100% pure, healed or good.
There is also the fallen angels, satan and his demons, who wants us to also fall away from God. He has Gods permission, but not everything is he allow to do.
Thats another paradox, that the work of satan can make us realize we need God!

We have not since the first man of Adam, listen to God and instead we walk our own ways by sinning, being hostile to God. We need to come to a time and place where we realize we need to repent, turn around, and start walking with God and be more like Jesus. To Love God with all our heart, mind and strength, and secondly to love ALL PEOPLE, even the ones our worldly minds tells us we have the right to hate and not forgive. But if we cant love or forgive, what happens then in this world? And should God forgive you for what you have done to others, when you in your rebellious mind and pride become the ones who justify hate?

The one to be inspired by and to follow is Jesus Christ who is God, the Godly team of Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Three individuals with the same Mind and Spirit, but with different tasks. They all witness of each other.
One of Jesus’s tasks was to buy you out from this world so you could join Him with our Father in Heaven. Not by your own works, but solely on what Jesus did for you on the cross, where He took all your sins and filthy unrighteousness!
Jesus conquered death and the curse we are all under. Only trough His works we can have eternal life for our souls.

We cant have the mind of this world, and be caught up in what is mortal, vain, perishing and deceptive things, which now is in the control of Satan, the fallen angel and his demons (ghosts).
God can not make us eternal as He wish, and once again walk with us like He did with Adam and Eve in the Garden, because of the state we are in now.
We need to be bought out, with the Blood of Jesus, nothing else can rescue us from our situation. Thats God’s rescue plan.

Remember you are a pilgrim, on a journey, in a bodily tent, and your finally destination is not a city on this earth like Santiago de Compostela! Lift up your face, and look up to the heavens, and to the heavenly Jerusalem. My hope is that you also wish to walk through its gates into this beautiful, joyful and peaceful city of God, which is the promise of Him since the Beginning.
We are on a journey, and the albergues of God is where we find our spiritual food, rest, strength and comfort.
Our daily stages of walk of life, should be in a continuances of prayer, in studying the Scriptures, in seeking His face, in trusting His faithfulness and goodness. He is the good shepherd, the servant, the voluntary hospitalero. He is our Sabbath where we are safe, finding rest, lacking nothing.

God could if He wanted, end the world right now, in an instance; but God allows this world to continue as it is, so more people have the chance and opportunity to find Him and be a part of His Kingdom, and not the kingdom of Satan that soon will be conquered. Its two roaring lions walking around, and Satan tries to catch who he can, and Jesus tries to rescue you,
In the times to come, everything will S H A K E and make you tremble and be in fear. We live in the End Times, where this world will soon cease to exist.
Its a decision time whether you rather be in the Light of Heaven or in the darkness of this world. We all have this promise of inheritance, but like Esau most people sold their birthright for a cup of soup (something from this world that satisfies their worldly, corrupt and fallen mind and body). They rather have it now as an spoiled child, rather to listen to their Father who tells them to wait patiently for what He will provide.

Do what you want is the motto of Satan. But not everything is good to do, to say or to think. That’s why God the Creator gave us His instruction for us to follow.
Do we have a free will, or is a matter of being obedient or disobedient to our Father in Heaven?

If you dont know God, or if you want to know Him, just ask Him. Let Jesus into your heart, open your door to Him and try to show Him all your secret rooms where you even dont want to let anyone else in. He alone can cleanse you and give you a new heart. Let Jesus be your best friend.
My advice is to seek Him with a humble attitude and not with a a rebellious mind or with a prideful heart. Get down to your knees literally, not as a religious act.
Yours truly!

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