Im on my way to el Camino

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Finally I’m on the bus to the airport. And here we go. Felt good to pray short but sweet just before I closed the door. Even bringing the trash out felt good, as it were the last thing I did.

And I’m happy I found the Oasis Trail in Villa Mayor. Hopefully it’s a gem on the Camino. Let’s see how to get there though it’s off my planned route.

My back pack weights 8 kg including the bag itself. The golden rule is not to carry more than 10% of your body weight. I’m at 90 kg. My bag will get lighter along the way since some stuff will be used. Last year I checked in at 6,7 kg.

Update: Before checking in, I asked wether or not Norwegian flights allow walking sticks. They told me to ask at the security desk. The young guy at that desk told me it’s should be fine and that he would allow it. Instead of taking the risk of standing in line and then have the security gate personnel take my walking pole, I asked if he could call them. So he did and said it was ok. I was gladly surprised because this is not always common. On my last trip with Norwegian I had to check in my stick as baggage which later was lost when I arrived to Stockhom. Now I can walk right out from Barajas airport in Madrid without having to wait at the baggage deliver.

Your walking stick is almost as a dear friend, I can imagine Moses with his ;-). With a pole you can lean on it so you don’t fall, it will hold you up. You put it in front of you for every step you take, as God is leading us in our daily lifes and walking before us. 

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