The sanctification process – purging through Fire

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Time is short. So what do you give yourself into, how do you spend your days and evenings?

What is on my mind is the Sanctification process, how we choose to respond to the Holy Spirit.
Christ gave us a sensitive conscience.
We can’t afford to be intoxicated; having a mind being defiled, tossed back and forth, double minded, numb, like I don’t care.
That’s a harlots forehead, when we lack sensitivity, and have an appetite for selfish indulgence, pleasure and gain.
With no respect for sacred spiritual things.

If we have a slackness, we are not ready to meet the King!

Self intoxication is when we bless our own heart and go our own ways.
It’s a selfish narcissistic gratification, when we persue things with narrow thunnel vision.

It’s like pushing ourself through the bushes of thorns and thistles, not listening to the Shepard.
In the desert, in the open fields, the shepherds mades fences for protection for the animal herds. The only thing that was available was thorns and thistles which they formed into a circular fence – a crown of thistles.
This fence represents the Law and the thorns represent sins)
If we disobey and continue to overstep the Law of protection, it’s like when a thick headed goat breaks through the fence of protection and become prey to the outside wild animals (demons and Satan) and his own destruction.
Our foreheads becomes thick, hard, numb like a goat, when we don’t listen to the Holy Spirit and our conscience.
Because we literally push the limits, the barriers of the Law (crown of thorns, the circle of fences against predators in the desert; Sinai.

Crown of victory. Fence (Law) of thorns and thistles (sins).
Crown of Victory & Fence of Protection.

Listening and obeying is to fulfill the Law. Or we become Transgressors, subjects of the accusations from Satan, the Accuser and Prosecutor.

It’s important we stay under God’s Grace and in His Light, for our covering, so we can receive His Mercy – loving kindness and protection. And not be exposed to His wrath. Fear Him! Who can put your soul and spirit for permanent destruction.
Hold on to the Only one who is Righteous, because we are not.

While you read this, you might wonder where do I come short?! Where does Satan have a thorn in my side, a stronghold?

We all know we sometimes have sinful lusts, temptations and not so good thoughts.
If I ask God to expose them, which I must, and if it’s severe it is going to be in His ways to reveal them. It’s probably going to be in a painstaking gruesome way, like cutting your own eye out, or your hand off.
Better to get ride of things that makes us fall. Blessed is he who overcomes sins and have victories over them. The reward is everlasting Life.

So it’s all for the best, our sanctified life. It’s precious. It’s beautiful when we break down and cry out to God: Oh Lord, help me! Expose me! Work with me! It’s a matter of Life or Death!
When we fall down on our knees, in a state of helplessness, like we came to the end of the road, and with a broken spirit and with a genuine humble heart, then we are exposed to open shame and to vulnerability. It can be scary and humiliating to many. But let me tell you something – it all works out for the best for you!
That’s the position our Lord wants you in, it’s when the Potter breaks us down, and make us stronger vessels; so He can fill you with His Spirit. Love, Joy, Peace, Long sufferings, Goodness, Patience and more. You become cleansed, you become free and then you will feel uplifted and liberated like never before.

You are justified, in the blood (Life) of Jesus, just as if you have never sinned. God sees you as what you are in Christ and what Christ are in you. All thanks to Jesus Christ who gave His Life for your life and for mine.
Jesus is the Chief Priest in the Heavenly Temple who atones for you, He is there for your reconciliation with our heavenly Father. Sins in the Book of Records can only be wiped out by someone else’s blood and life and righteousness – that one is Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God.

Our inner struggles are there for a reason. Don’t be insensitive. Stop and listen. Maybe God wants you to go through a purging of Fire, where you are being cleansed. Oh it’s so beautiful, to be worthy of God when He works with you. Out comes a new person with a new mindset and with a clean conscience. In peace with our Lord!

If you never really had a true sense of peace of mind, or if you feel troubled at this moment, listen to Jesus our Savior: “- Today is the Day for Salvation!”
Salvation means to be rescued or set free. Today means TODAY, at this very MOMENT and not tomorrow – or letting this opportunity pass you by …
Do you feel a sense of emergency or do you feel indifference after reading?
And what kind of forehead do you have? A sensitive one, or a numb, thick headed one like you don’t care?

4 Replies to “The sanctification process – purging through Fire”

  1. Thank you for what you share. It is such needed truth!!
    I made a choice to surrender to being broken by God (the Potter) through the work of His Spirit and I attest to the truth of your words and more so the truth of His Word.
    It was my rebellious stubborn deceived heart that led me to stray from God but since I have chosen to bring my brokenness to Him as often as I’m confronted by it, I am experiencing more peace, love and forgiveness than I could have ever asked for. God is real and He longs for his creation to be reconciled with him.

  2. It’s of good to know from Roau,l God is real, l always say so to persona when we speak. He is a consuming fire. Thanks for sharing such grate info, it’s worth reading. Good food for tough, which upliftshould our mind/heart.


  3. God bless you Kerlin. Thank you as well. Let’s keep asking Him to purge us and to make us fit for His imminent return.

  4. Truly a blessed word. I pray this everyday. No longer I that live, but Christ living in me. Oh may I glorify my Father in all I do. To Him be the glory.

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