On the way to Bercianos del real Camino

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The last couple of days I didn’t find the time to write on this blog.
I’m busy shooting YouTube movies during the days while walking 20-30 km. And at the hostels where we sleep, we need to clean our selves, get things in order, socialize and eat. Between 21:00 to 22:00 we are in bed. So when other sleeps, I spend 1-2 hours to edit in iMovie, all the video clips I made.
Today is my 4th day of walking the Camino. I’m at the Albergue Laganares in a small village, San Nicolas del Real Camino. This place play some relaxed music and is cosy so I enjoy to hang out here. Got myself a double cafe con leche (coffee with milk) and a warm Bocadilla (baguette with meat and cheese). I have been in this place for about +1 hour. The WiFi is faster here than the previous Albergues I stayed at, so now I can update the last 2 movies to YouTube.
Because of my long stay here, I’m little left behind the other people I got to know on the Way. But I’m sure I can catch up later.
Today I’m heading for a village called Bercianos del real Camino and an albeurge called de Peregrinos.

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