Camino Frances 2024

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You probably came to this page because you have received our flyer. We are in Spain where we walk the Camino Frances. If you want to know more about this flyer you can start the presentation below:

I came to faith in Jesus 2012. I was a business man in Sweden when I had a radical and supernatural encounter with God. Here you can read my testimony.

More and more movies will be published here, from the Camino this April and May 2024. At the moment I have managed to edit and upload five videos on YouTube. Hope you will enjoy watching them and that the music with it’s lyrics will have an impact on you.

This link will take you to a playlist on YouTube with all our videos from walking the Camino Frances in Spain in 2017 and 2024.

Pilgrim's progress
Pilgrim’s Progress

We recommend watching the animated movie Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan, if you would like to have a wider understanding what challenges lies ahead as a follower of Christ. We are all pilgrims while we walk here on earth, we are just ” passing through”. Here you can watch it for free.

“You are invited to walk with God”, short audio teaching by Bible teacher Derek Prince:

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On the bus to Finisterre

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Christof my friend from Germany and me decided to go to Finisterre at the Atlantic Ocean. It’s about a 2 hour bus drive from Santiago de Compostela.
We arrived to Santiago on Thursday and spent 4 nights at an 4 bedroom apartment, 15€ a night/person.
The city center of Santiago is very old and protected, therefore they didn’t put fiber for high speed Internet. Meaning the WiFi here has been slow. And I need fast WiFi to be able to upload 1080 HD videos to YouTube.
I have Mobile connection for Internet but that has been 3G, and not 4G. So uploading a video to Dropbox takes hours and  its way to slow for YouTube uploads.
My dilemma is that I need to have memory for shooting new videos and I need to get rid of previous videos in order to make new ones.
The iPhone SE that I got has 64 gigabytes and I have been down to 0,5-5 gigabytes the last week or so.
4 days in Santiago gave me enough time and energy to edit another 5 music videos from walking el Camino, being ready to be up loaded to YouTube. You can check these out, hopefully in a day or two.

Tonight we stay at Albergue Oceanis in Finisterre. I wish there will be great sun light and a beautiful sunset for some new videos. God is good!