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Im a swedish man living in Sweden, talking swedish and english (but not fluently).
In 2010 I had an awakening. The realization was that some things are not what they seem to be in this world. I realized we had been deceived and lied to. So I started to search the truth and tried to find out what the lies were, and why. Cui bono? Who benefits?
Little did I know this would lead me to a saviour; Jesus Christ.
“- What is truth?” asked Pilatus, when he stood in front of Jesus, not realizing Jesus is the Truth and the Light in this world.

Many truth tellers are christians. They have a quest to understand the times we are living in.
I started to read their blogs and I took my time to THINK and meditate over circumstances, situations, life in general and questioning how the world history have been told to us.
My conclusion was that the world powers are evil, they have a hidden agenda and their ways are destructive to mankind.
And we are all collectively together in the same boat. Many have bought themselves into this babylonian system which benefits them in one way or another.

I went through something called cognitive dissonance which is a mental stress disorder (gives you great discomfort) when my previous beliefs, world views, ideas, and values – contradicted the new ones I started to have, due to this research of “truths”.
I could no longer hold on to my old attitudes, thinking, planes for the future e t c.
A human psyche cant simultaneously hold two or more contradictory beliefs. Thats why many stick their heads in the sand, flee or defended the lie, even if they know they are probably wrong or lied to – because the truth is almost impossible to bear.
Its like when someone told you that your loved one is cheating on you. At first you probably cant believe it. But then a mental process starts, a mind battle.
You try to put all the pieces together to find out what is the truth? How can it be? How can I build my understanding of reality that is u n s e e n and how can I trust someones w o r d s?
If and when you realized you been lied and cheated upon, most of us get so sick to the stomach that we almost want to throw up. Folks, this is a painful process.
Many of us cant stand the consequences of this revolutionary new information and how it would affect us. So we prefer to continue to live in a bubble, in a fake life and in a world of lies and in denial.

Someone said its easier to trick/fool/lie to someone, and much harder to explain to that person, that he have been exposed to a lie. Thats how magic works.

Most importantly in my awakening process, was that I invited Jesus into my life in early 2012.
“Now you are saved!”, I was told. But shouldnt I be joyful, or at least feel a difference?
To me salvation was synonymous with happiness. But I didnt feel happier or different.

When I later read Bror Espegrens blog called Frikyrka.se I realized (thank you Jesus!) I had to be filled by the Holy Spirit. I needed the baptism of the Spirit.
So in late of May 2012, I said to Jesus to fill me with the Holy Spirit. And I was instantly answered, in a blink of an eye, the Holy Spirit came into me.
That was the happiest, weirdest, most supernatural and amazing thing that have ever happened to me. My baptism was just right for me, it was perfect, suited for my needs and for my future, by His Mercy and not by my own works.
From that day, I was a partaker for eternal life, an inheritor to the Promised Land. Wow!

My advice: Seek the Kingdom of Jesus first, and all other things you need will be given to you.
If you want to understand this world, or the Bible, or to know if there is a Supreme God – dont go around searching all over the place! Its a waste of time. Stop!
You wont find the Truth in Islam, or in the Roman Catholic church, or in Hinduism, or in new age meditation or in yoga.
It all starts when you open your door to your heart to Jesus.
And you will not go to Heaven just because you think you are such a good person, better than most others.
Being more good than evil is just not good enough. God has a higher standard, since He is HOLY, meaning He is perfect.
You need to ask Jesus into your life, with a humble and repentant heart, and you need to be born again in the Spirit of God. Thats the change of direction you need.

Ps. You are always welcome to write to “aboutme @bread4life.eu”

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  1. Thank-you for contacting me through my website, PatriotsAndLiberty. After many years of exposing the works of darkness it was thoroughly uplifting–a great blessing– to read your ‘about me’ page. One thing shines through—your heart for Truth.

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