Other Biblical Words for Character

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  1. Individuality, personality
  2. Feature, trait, characterstic
  3. Nature, quality, disposition, mien, constitution, cast
  4. Name, reputation, repute
  5. Status, capacity
  6. Symbol, mark, sign, letter, figure, emblem

What does Glory mean?

  1. Praise, honor, distinction, renown, fame, eminence, celebrity
  2. Brilliance, splendor, magnifience, grandeur, resplendence, efullgence, pomp
  3. Exult, rejoice, triumph

What does Honor mean?

  1. Esteem, fame, glory, repute, reputation, credit
  2. Distinction, dignity
  3. Respect, reverence, homage, deference, veneration, consideration, distinction
  4. Privilege, favor
  5. Character, principle, uprightness, honesty, integrity, nobleness, probity
  6. Purity, chastity, virginity
  7. Revere, esteem, venerate, respect, reverence, adore, worship, hallow

Antonym: Abominate, dishonor, disrepute, discredit, indignity

What does Honorable mean?

  1. Upright, honest, noble, highminded, just, fair, trusty, trustworthy, true, virtuous
  2. Dignified, distinguished, noble, illustrious, great
  3. Creditable, reputable, estimable, right, proper, equitable

What does Name mean?

  1. Appellation, title, label, tag. designation, epithet
  2. Reputation, repute, character, credit
  3. Fame, repute, note, distinction, renown
  4. Call, title, entitle, dub, denominate,
  5. Specify, mention, indicate, designate, identity, nominate

What does Quality mean?

  1. Characteristic, attribute, property, character, feature, trait
  2. Nature, grade, kind, sort, description, status, rank, condition
  3. Excellence, superiority, standing
  4. Accomplishment, deed, feat, attainment
  5. Distinction, class

What does Holy means?

  1. Blessed, sacred, consecrated, hallowed, dedicated, (separated)
  2. Saintly, godly, divine, pious, devout, spiritual, pure

Antonym: Unholy, desecrated, impious, sinful, impure, corrupt, piacular

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