El Camino 2024

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Welcome to this website. Our intention with the leaflet you have got, is for you to find out who Jesus is and why He is so important. Below is a presentation of the card that you have seen:

Here you can read about my testimony.

There will also be movies published, from the Camino this April and May 2024. This blog post has more updates.

Here is a playlist of videos from walking the Camino Frances in Spain 2017. And here is the first video from April 7th of 2024:

Pilgrim's progress
Pilgrim’s Progress

We recommend watching the animated movie Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan, if you would like to have a wider understanding what challenges lies ahead as a follower of Christ. Here you can watch it for free.

“You are invited to walk with God”, short audio teaching by Bible teacher Derek Prince:

Start of the Camino

Who was Jesus and what was His mission? By Joshua Selman:

Jesus mission and person