Movie director censors 9/11 documentaries after pressure

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The African-American director Spike Lee and HBO announce that they will censor their own documentary series on the September 11, 2001, about the so called terrorist attacks in New York.

The documentary series, which is made on behalf of HBO, deals not only with the events around 11 September but also with how the corona virus, the policy of lock downs and other crises that have affected New York and its inhabitants.

The documentary episodes, which are scheduled to premiere on September 11 – 20 years after the buildings collapsed where a total of 2996 people died – would initially largely focus on a longer discussion with members of the network Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and their thoughts and views on what actually caused the buildings to collapse.

The group, which consists of architects and engineers, physics professors and mechanical designers with long working experience, among other things, believes that the official version of events can not be correct. This is partly because the official evidence presented with the aircraft theory, is poor and has large gaps, as well as the fact that the buildings were designed to withstand collisions with passenger planes and could never collapse in the way they actually did. How could the buildings crumble on it’s on foot ground, in free fall?

Instead, it is believed that most indications shows that it was controlled explosions that caused the buildings to collapse.

According to the New York Times, many journalists consider it unacceptable that Lee initially gave “as much space” to Architects and Engineers as to proponents of the official explanatory model. The newspaper also states that a full 30 minutes of critical discussion about the events has therefore now been censored.

The fact that people who question the official narrative would be allowed to participate in the documentary, lead quickly to massive criticism from American establishment journalists and other thinkers. According to HBO, Spike Lee has now promised to completely cut off the politically incorrect discussion.

Lee himself does not want to comment on why the documentary is now being cut, but has previously stated that he has questions about what really happened on September 11 and that it is therefore important that these perspectives are given space.

“I mean, I have questions and I hope that maybe the legacy of this documentary can be that Congress holds a hearing, a hearing in Congress regarding the 9/11 event”, he said. He pointed out, among other things, that the enormous temperatures required to melt steel, could not be achieved by jet fuel. He also highlights how the collapse of building 7 (WTC 7) strongly reminded of exactly how a controlled explosion works.

“But people will decide for themselves what to believe. My approach is to present the information in the film and let the viewers decide for themselves. I respect the intelligence of the audience”.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that Spike Lee ends up in “heat” in the public for “politically incorrect” elements in his films. The 1990 film Mo ‘Better Blues received massive criticism from American journalists and Jewish lobby organizations for allegedly portraying Jewish nightclub owners in a “dangerous and anti-Semitic stereotype.”

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