On the way to Bercianos del real Camino

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The last couple of days I didn’t find the time to write on this blog.
I’m busy shooting YouTube movies during the days while walking 20-30 km. And at the hostels where we sleep, we need to clean our selves, get things in order, socialize and eat. Between 21:00 to 22:00 we are in bed. So when other sleeps, I spend 1-2 hours to edit in iMovie, all the video clips I made.
Today is my 4th day of walking the Camino. I’m at the Albergue Laganares in a small village, San Nicolas del Real Camino. This place play some relaxed music and is cosy so I enjoy to hang out here. Got myself a double cafe con leche (coffee with milk) and a warm Bocadilla (baguette with meat and cheese). I have been in this place for about +1 hour. The WiFi is faster here than the previous Albergues I stayed at, so now I can update the last 2 movies to YouTube.
Because of my long stay here, I’m little left behind the other people I got to know on the Way. But I’m sure I can catch up later.
Today I’m heading for a village called Bercianos del real Camino and an albeurge called de Peregrinos.

First day in Burgos

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Yesterday I arrived to Burgos from Madrid. The day was sunny, a clear blue sky and temperature was around 25C (nights are still chilly in the north).  It was a 3 hour drive and on the bus, I wrote yesterday’s post and I talked to Ralph.
Just outside the bus station I met a german couple. The guy had a bandage around his left knee. I asked if I could pray for his healing. He said he is not a believer in Jesus.
Nowadays many people are into new age religion without them even knowing it. He was hesitant in me praying for him, which I understand. He said his belief is that he is a good person and that’s what’s counts. This is a lie from Satan and if thinking you are a good person is whats counts, you will be deceived according to Jesus.
Little does he realize that he also is a sinner; a thief, an idolater and a lier. Sounds harsh to say, but that’s the reality. I’m also a lier and a thief, but now I’m more aware of my true nature. And that the consequence of sins, and the punishment, is a death sentence.
We can only try to avoid sin as much as possible, still we will fall short. That’s why we need God’s own sacrifice in Jesus Christ.
On the last hour, the Roman authority in Pilatus, traded the place of a murderer, Barabbas (Mat 27:17) and replaced with Jesus Christ, God Himself. And the propheties and the scriptures were going to be fulfilled. It was to be finished at the cross. Continue reading “First day in Burgos”

Heading to Burgos

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After 3 nights in Madrid, Im now heading to Burgos. Tomorrow I will meet Carmen, an evangelical pastor. I got her name from Saray, a girl I meet last time when I was in Burgos. Have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but I’m sure God will amaze me in one way or another.

My days in Madrid was fruitful.
But I didn’t have time to write and update the blog as I would have liked. I guess I must realize that I should prioritize what’s happening around me, rather than sitting with my iPhone typing letters.

A summarize of day two and three in Madrid:
Day 2: I began the day with a longer conversation with Klaudia from Germany at Toc Hostel where we both stayed.
“The Walk in Madrid” video was edited and uploaded to YouTube.
German contacted me and we went out on the streets of Madrid and evangelized. Our last stop was at Parc Espanyol where we wanted to take a rest. Sergio from Sao Paolo sat next to us, and we started talking. We finished our 1,5 hour conversation with a salvation prayer to the Lord. Sergio stretched out his hands, asking Jesus into his life! The whole situation was amazing and I probably should write that down later in more detail. Sergio was such an open minded guy, and my new friend German from Ukraine really has the Holy Spirit burning.
Finished the day by eating at a Mexican restaurant.
Day 3: Started to talk with Marian, my new room mate. He had also woken up to what was going on in this world. He didn’t believe the Bible was from God, he thinks it’s written by man not inspired by the Holy Spirit. Well he actually had many opinions since he is a guy that thinks. We went out and just outside the hostel we met 80 year old Ed from the US. While we were talking about his bad hip, he got that tingeling sensation from the Holy Spirit, in the area were he had pain. Before I even started to pray for him!
And before we left he felt that sensation again!
I left to meet Sori and German in a park to evangelize.
Well many things happens when you go out. Three younger guys at three separate occasions felt the Holy Spirit.
On my way home I met a Bulgarian family. The couple was true believers in Christ, the daughter a buddist. I think God led me to them so I should witness to the daughter.
Back at my hotel, I lead my new room mate from Valladolid to Christ. He said he felt so excited. Keep close to Jesus bro!
And before I sleepes James entered the room and sat down in from if my bed, saying he feel empty in side, a hole in his spirit and that the Christian religion was the best. He didn’t even know I’m a hardcore believer. That was so unreal! He had been out drinking and other people were trying to sleep in the room, so we said we talk tomorrow. Day 4: The next day he was not keen to talk about this “Jesus religion”.
But he said he have evangelical friends. Keep praying for him! I told him time is short and he can’t wait forever.
Stepped out the hostel and took a stroll, occasionally talking to people. A young Jewish guy from Switzerland said he wanted to know Jesus. What can I say, things happen when you walk with Jesus. But remember not all seed fall on the good soil.
Met some muslims from Germany. If Jesus was a prophet I said, what message from God did he have? Muslims can’t answer that question because the “prophet Isa” didn’t have much to say in the Koran.
Jesus and Isa are not the same person as many muslims try to argue.
Went back to hostel and grabbed my pack and went to the bus station. That trip in the Metro took a whole hour including buying a ticket. Beware that signs are all on spanish and not always there to guide you.
When I bought the ticket at the machine, a guy asked me for money for a bus to Bilbao. That was Josef from Bulgaria. I gave him money for the bus ticket as he asked for, but I really should have given him more! As the good Samaritan who took the sick man to a house and paid for all his expenses. Have to remember that next time. I gave him the number to Leo in Bilbao, whom I recently got to know. Coincidence? Not. Bilbao of all places, I don’t know people in Spain, except in Burgos and Madrid.
On the bus I talked to Raul a photographer, who was the very same guy who told me I forget one of the bags in front of the ticket machines, and here he was on the very same bus. He is going to walk the Camino also, with 25 kg of camera equipment, doing some work for his media company. Will we meet again on the Camino?

Touchdown Madrid

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On the plan I met Wilking who sat next to met. Of course I asked if he had any physical problems. Anyone who really knows me know that I like to pray for others.
And the back problem he had was much better after some short prayers.
He was so kind to follow me to the Metro and took the time to explain which line to take. Very difficult to find the way. Thank you Wilking! Have your friend in Gothenburg to contact me will ya?

After check in at Toc Hostel, about 2 minutes from Puerta del Sol, I meet up with Sori and German.
Sori is spanish and German is ukrainian. It was the first time we met but I tell you, I never in my life find it so easy to get along with people, especially born again christians.

If you don’t know what the term “born again” means, you really need to find out. Because no one who isn’t born again in God’s Spirit will see the kingdom of God. If you call yourself catholic or christian and still don’t know, my advice to you is to google the term or better yet; open up the Bible.

After a short introduction we went directly “to work”. We met some drunken norwegians but despite that we had some good conversations and mutual understanding. 

As you can see one guy is sitting down while we check for uneven length of the legs. A minute of prayer and slowly the short leg stretched out.
I know some of you out there reading this is very sceptical to healing. And think that is fake or psychological. I know what’s going on after doing this for 1000 of times and there are millions of other testimonies revealing supernatural healing.
Those who believe (in Jesus) will experience signs and wonders.

Later at a cafe we had some good conversations about speaking in tongues and baptism in the Holy Spirit. What is wisdom for some, is craziness to others. 

Before getting back to my hostel, I took a stroll along some streets. There I met a young girl with a damage knee. I asked if she wanted to get better and so she told Jesus to heal her. “- What did you do she said? I can feel something strange in my knee!” I didn’t do anything I told her. You asked the Lord and He answered you. Now do you have less pain? “- Yeah it’s better …”.

Now it’s past midnight and I’m going to my room, or should I say our room that I share with 3 others. Let’s go and find out if any one snores. Zzzzz zzzzz ……

Im on my way to el Camino

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Finally I’m on the bus to the airport. And here we go. Felt good to pray short but sweet just before I closed the door. Even bringing the trash out felt good, as it were the last thing I did.

And I’m happy I found the Oasis Trail in Villa Mayor. Hopefully it’s a gem on the Camino. Let’s see how to get there though it’s off my planned route.http://oasistrails.org/the-hostel/villamayor-de-monjardin/?lang=en

My back pack weights 8 kg including the bag itself. The golden rule is not to carry more than 10% of your body weight. I’m at 90 kg. My bag will get lighter along the way since some stuff will be used. Last year I checked in at 6,7 kg.

Update: Before checking in, I asked wether or not Norwegian flights allow walking sticks. They told me to ask at the security desk. The young guy at that desk told me it’s should be fine and that he would allow it. Instead of taking the risk of standing in line and then have the security gate personnel take my walking pole, I asked if he could call them. So he did and said it was ok. I was gladly surprised because this is not always common. On my last trip with Norwegian I had to check in my stick as baggage which later was lost when I arrived to Stockhom. Now I can walk right out from Barajas airport in Madrid without having to wait at the baggage deliver.

Your walking stick is almost as a dear friend, I can imagine Moses with his ;-). With a pole you can lean on it so you don’t fall, it will hold you up. You put it in front of you for every step you take, as God is leading us in our daily lifes and walking before us.